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SGA will be tailgating before tomorrow’s football game versus Slippery Rock. We have a tent in the M-7 lot by Taco Bell on Fifth Avenue starting around 5.30pm. You’re all invited.

We want to push for open, on-campus wireless internet (WiFi) this year. Maag Library already has WiFi, which is great, but you have to use their computers. By open network, I just mean that you could use your laptop or PDA. So, an unscientific survey for you all: do you want open wireless internet on campus? Also, please indicate if you are commenting from a wireless hotspot off campus (that’d be nice to know too).

Edited 2.34pm: The minutes from this year’s SGA meetings can be found here; the previous 2 meetings’ minutes were just added. As I said before, the 29th’s meeting includes our budget and two resolutions of commendation. Also, the next full SGA meeting is on September 12th and it will be held in the Tod Hall Board of Trustees’ Meeting Room.


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The Contracts (Online)

If anyone is interested in reading the old contracts, sorry I’m so late on this by the way, they can be viewed via this page on the cc.ysu.edu server Contracts. I’m assuming this page will be updated within the next few weeks with the new contracts. For reference reasons I’ve saved copies of these contracts onto a flash drive. After they make the change, anyone wanting to see the old ACE OEA agreements can feel free to contact me.

Also, of note to you all, the APAS and FOP contracts expire in 2006. This could mean another strike in the Fall of ’06. I’m unsure at this point of who would be in the FOP union but I do know for a fact that YSU’s Webmaster is apart of the APAS. Nothing to worry about in the near future, but definetly not something to lose sight of. Strikes, no matter from what Union, effect all the students at YSU. And that means its in our best interest to see that contracts are a priority of the Unions and the Administration. Becuase, after all, we’re all here for the students.

As a last note, I’d like to know if anyone has had trouble with week with unprepared professors? I know it shouldn’t be a big deal, but I’ve begun to hear stories about missing professors and general unpreparedness when it came to the first few days. Personally this has been at a minimum as most professors were ready to go, just waiting for the strike to end. On the other hand my math professor didn’t show up the first day, but he credits this to switching profs at the last moment rather then the strike. Plus two, has anyone heard any commentary about the contract agreement from their professors during class? My experience has been that some teachers have been pretty grumpy about the contract (which would be foreseeable considering how close the vote was). Thus far though I’ve had no real problems only idle jokes, but please if you have had any trouble from professors or with the start of classes comment about it.

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How was class today?

I think today was a good day, overall. I just had a couple classes and a brief meeting with a professor. It felt like a typical first day, though I forgot how many students pack the campus core on a busy day after being here all summer with hardly anybody around. Everybody I saw seemed happy to be back.

The first SGA meeting of the semester went well. We passed our budget for the year and adopted two resolutions which commend Faculty, ACE, and the Administration on getting the year started on schedule and with all of YSU here. I will be delivering those resolutions to the chief negotiators and presidents on Wednesday. (The text of those items will be in the minutes from our meeting, which should be linked to in a post sometime tomorrow for anybody interested.)

Afterwards, we split into committees. I sat in on part of the tuition & fees committee meeting, and they have some cool ideas on ensuring your money is used wisely and getting that info to you. I haven’t gotten a full report back from the other committees yet (student affairs, academic affairs, and financial appropriations), but I know they all have some great plans too.

So, how was your day today?

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More good news.

As of early this morning (around 5 or 5.30, I believe), the ACE and Administration negotiators reached a tentative agreement. I give them all a lot of credit for sticking it out overnight. State Senator Marc Dann (D-32) stayed with them at the Newman Center to help things along. He told me earlier in the evening that he’d make sure nobody left until they had an agreement, and it looks like it paid off.

The entire ACE membership will be voting on the agreement later this week, but I can confirm that ACE employees are back to work today.

I’m very excited to be back here for class (there is Internet in Kilcawley Center now at least), and it’s especially relieving that ACE is back too.

I have to get things prepared now for the first SGA meeting of the semester (4pm in the Ohio Room in Kilcawley Center), and go to class too.

Just so you know, the blogging will continue, and I look forward to keeping you all in the know.

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I’m on campus right now, using a dial-up connexion. My sister has a laptop with this thing called a modem. How about that!

I am pleased to announce that the Faculty Union, by a vote of 182 to 119, has voted to approve the tentative agreement, meaning that class will begin tomorrow, as scheduled. I am thrilled that we will have class, but please remember that the ACE Union’s strike is not over. However, it should be encouraging to know that at 10pm tonight, ACE talks will resume at the Newman Center.

Our goal was to have ACE and OEA back on the 29th… I don’t know how quickly things can be hashed out to have ACE in there tomorrow, but at least negotiations are resuming.

We’re glad to see classes, but we’re only half way back to normal. See you tomorrow.

Update: To the concerned parent who posted earlier (or anybody else who wants to know), you can email us at ysusga@gmail.com or call 330.941.3591 with any questions or concerns. Thanks!

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ACE says no.

I just received word from John Vogel, who is still on campus, that the ACE Union rejected the University offer by at vote of 211 to 85. This is an unofficial tally but it sounds pretty clear.

Also, Walt Ulbricht, YSU executive director of communications, has stated that the University will make the determination about classes after the Faculty vote tonight on the tentative agreement. Again, YSU extension 2222 (330.941.2222) will have information about it, but its honestly unclear just when that vote will end.

The Faculty Union votes at 6pm tonight at the First Christian Church across the street from Bliss Hall (the corner of Wick and University Plaza). It’s the same place ACE voted today. Any student who wants to come, say around 5.45pm, to encourage the Faculty to be in class tomorrow, should do so.

You’ll hear more later. Let’s hope it’s good news.

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Hi everyone. I’m at home now, so here’s what I know:

ACE met at 11am. Between 11.30 and noon, there was a very resounding voice vote in favour of a resolution of no confidence in Dr Sweet’s administration, probably with the same or similar language to the resolution endorsed by the Faculty last Monday night. Hopefully soon, their (most likely secret ballot) vote on the contract will be made known.

And, the Faculty vote at 6.

That’s what I know.

I managed to read through the thousand or so comments made to the last few posts (by ‘thousand’, I mean 50) and I found one that I especially need to address:

I just returned from the ACE meeting in First Christian Church at 10:00. Just thought I’d pass this on…it was mentioned that someone from student government was interviewed by the press and asked about the tentative agreement by faculty union and he was pleased. When asked what about the rest of the 400 ACE members on strike, he commented…”Well, we got what we wanted.” He didn’t say who was being interviewed and I wanted to know if this was misquoted. Please reply.

Somebody I know in one of the Unions asked me this morning the same thing. I’ll tell you the same thing I told that person. I can confirm that neither John, Amanda, and I, nor anybody else speading on behalf of SGA has said anything to this effect. It has been and continues to be our position that the best thing for students is having ACE and OEA employees at work tomorrow. After the OEA tentative agreement, I did say that it was an important step, and something that we expected to happen. The next morning (yesterday), I encouraged both the Administration negotiating team and the ACE negotiating team, reminding them how important it would be for ACE and the Board to have contracts to vote on today.

Will we have class tomorrow? The Administration says we’ll know at 6, but the Faculty vote also takes place at 6 … and secret ballot votes take time. University extension 2222 (330.941.2222 off campus) should probably be updated sometime tonight with info, and I’ll be on campus so I cannot promise a very timely update.

Hope to see you in class tomorrow.

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