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Rec Center Opening

Today, the John S. and Doris M. Andrews Student Recreation & Wellness Center was officially unveiled. Presently, there are demonstrations going on for the various components, such as the volleyball courts, basketball court, bikes, dance studio, and of course, the rock-climbing wall. This is great addition to campus, and I think a lot of students will take advantage of it starting tomorrow. (Though I’m not sure how many will do so when it opens at 6:30am…)

For more info about what’s going on at the Rec Center, visit the Campus Rec Website.


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Newspapers & Constitution Day

Tomorrow, the 19th, a couple of things are happening.

We’re bringing back the free newspapers–USA Today and The New York Times will be available five days a week for the rest of the school year beginning tomorrow. It has the financial backing of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and SGA. Look for an informational table in Kilcawley with giveaways on Tuesday from 11am – 1pm.

Also, YSU will be celebrating Constitution Day, as do all schools which receive federal funds. Robert Bennett, a former American Bar Association president, will be giving a speech at 12pm in the Chestnut Room of Kilcawley Center. The subject is, “The inevitability of a living constitution.”

In SGA news, we will be having committee meetings tomorrow at 4pm. I understand that the financial appropriations committee is off to a busy start, with eight organisations scheduled for hearings tomorrow. Groups can of course apply for funding at money.ysusga.com.

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SGA had its second general meeting yesterday, in the Tod Hall Board Room. In it, we adopted a resolution about wireless internet, discussed possible hurricane relief efforts, and discussed the Luminis portal.

Right now, we are recommending that students be able to use their own laptops and PDA’s on the Maag Library wireless network by the beginning of next semester. Currently, students must sign out one of Maag’s laptops in order to access that network. We think that this incremental approach to WiFi is important, as it is unreasonable for us to expect the campus to go wireless, say, tomorrow. Or even next semester. We are hopeful that Maag is a possibility for the spring.

Hurricane relief efforts discussed include a possible “battle of the bands” or partnering up with the City of Youngstown’s “Bail Out On the Bayou” event which coincides with the final Party on the Plaza (23 Sep). In the meantime, be on the lookout for the Student American Dental Hygiene Association (SADHA)’s toothbrush sale, the profits of which will go to hurricane relief. Any other groups or individuals involved in hurricane relief, please let me know, and I’ll be sure to give it a mention.

Finally, the Luminis portal is something which will be fazed in beginning in January. It is similar to My Yahoo! or Personalised Google in that you have a homepage on which to put things useful to you… except that it’s for YSU. There’s a page on YSU’s website for a naming contest for it (Luminis is just the software name) which you can find here.

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For the sake of news, I put together a few forwards with the new domain name, ysusga.com, the domain and the subdomains listed below should be fully working within 24 hours of this post.

http://ysusga.com and http://www.ysusga.com = The Blog
http://agenda.ysusga.com = SGA Agenda Page
http://archive.ysusga.com = SGA Archive Page
http://minutes.ysusga.com = SGA Minutes
http://money.ysusga.com = SGA Financial Path Page

Well that should make getting to certain things slightly more intuitive.

Have a great weekend!

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Hurricane relief.

Just a quick FYI… SGA will be putting something together for relief for the victims of the recent hurricane. We have a few ideas for an effort, and we’ll have details within a week. In the meantime, you can donate through the American Red Cross right here.

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Hello there everyone, I’m really glad its friday. And this time its two fold. Not only is it the weekend in another two hours (for me at least) I’ve also managed to procure the domain name http://www.ysusga.com which means you can type ysusga.com or ysusga if you’ve got firefox like me (it adds .com for me) and go directly to the blog that way.

Hopefully you all will learn to love and use the domain name as I have. 😛

Have a good weekend, and happy laborday.

P.S. Incase you didn’t know, we don’t have school monday!

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