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I just submitted a letter to the editor of the Jambar. Below is a transcript of that letter:

It seems necessary to write a response to my constituents regarding the Jambar’s last two publications about Youngstown State University’s Student Government Association. The Jambar seems to have misinterpreted some of the statements and opinions regarding Student Government’s first January meeting.The most prominent problem with article concerning Student Government that was published Tuesday is based in the fact that the Jambar has recently assigned a new reporter to cover Student Government. I believe many of the recent errors come from this change. The so-called “quiet-response” that the article describes was a misunderstanding on the part of the reporter. The Jambar reporter arrived late to our meeting, which had a very short agenda. When Ms. Jenny Boyce arrived we were knee-deep in a scheduled reflection period. This time was allotted to brainstorm for ideas on how we could improve the projects and the efficiency of Student Government.
The errors continue with the misrepresentation of Dr. Chet Cooper’s words in Tuesday’s article and their subsequent misinterpretation in the editorial published Thursday. Dr. Cooper was trying to complement the body on their overall efficiency as compared to an example he saw at another campus. Since Dr. Cooper was not addressing an issue with our body, the basis for Thursday’s editorial crumbles. It is inappropriate that the entire editorial is based solely on a previously published, and erroneous, article without further research.
The last problem with these articles is the way in which they address the different segments of our organization, allow me to clarify. The Student Government Legislative Body is not a “committee” as the Jambar refers to it — committees are specific sub-groups of the body itself.
I find it hard to believe that the Jambar has any basis for their words in either their article or their editorial. I also find it an outrageous sentiment that our body is “silent.” Ms. Sarah Vansuch was correct when she stated that it was our job to represent the students during Monday’s meeting. We do as Ms. Vansuch suggests consistently; having feverous debate on relevant issues like the recent smoking ban, Student Government sponsorship of political events, and even interpretation of Student Government’s Financial Path. Dr. Cynthia Anderson even went so far as to compliment our debate of the smoking ban and its implementation on campus. A retraction and apology from the Jambar is essential to rectifying the damage that the Jambar’s article and editorial has caused.
David Spatholt
Vice President for Financial Affairs SGA
Rep. of the College of Arts & Sciences.
For Contact/Verification Purposes of the Jambar, my phone number: (330) 941-3592 (office)


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