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SGA Website and Blog

If you’re looking for the SGA website and blog, you’ll find them both at http://www.ysu.edu/sga. For historical purposes, this blog website will be preserved with all previous posts for the foreseeable future.



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SGA Retreat

After some minor revisions to the Agenda (cutting the ice breakers, activities, members remarks, etc.) we had a great meeting.  Lunch was really good and our speakers Dr. Anderson and Dr. Sweet did a great job.

We debated four issues and ended up passing a budget for the year.  The Legislative assembly also tabled 3 bills/resolutions and sent one bill to the Financial Appropriations Committee for further discussion.

The amount of debate offered at the retreat was wonderful and I believe it is indicative of a good year ahead.

Thanks to those of you that came!


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Below is the finalized report on the Rock Garden:

During the 2006-2007 academic year at Youngstown State University, the Student Government Association turned its attention to the dilapidated state of the Rock Gardens at the Wick-Pollack Inn. A former student brought the garden to the attention of SGA’s former Executive Committee, which investigated the means by which the garden could be reactivated.

The final reactivation plan, created by the Grounds Department, a consultant from Kridler Gardens, and the SGA Executive Committee was finalized in the 2007 spring semester. The reactivation of the garden required cleaning, mulching, and planting the entire garden, and took place over a few weeks. Volunteers from SGA, the student body, the YSU classified staff, and the community participated in the project. The Student Government Association funded the purchase of the annuals, the Kridler garden consultant, and two benches handmade from recycled wood. Support for this project was provided through discounts on both the annuals and the consultant services, which were sold to SGA at half their regular price.

Throughout the duration of this project, volunteers have invested over 100 hours into the reactivation of the garden. The response to Student Government’s work from the campus and the community has been largely positive. Continued restorative work may include reactivating the fountain and repairing the original fence that surrounded the garden. Perennials may be planted this fall semester, as only annuals have been planted in the reactivated garden. Research on the history of the garden is ongoing, and any information or pictures are welcome.

This was penned by Eri Raib and was later edited/added to by Chad Miller.  At the time of this posting the Rock Garden is completely finished in terms of the restoration Chad’s SGA set out to do.  We will be investing in some signs for the garden sometime in the near future as well as looking into coordinating new florals for the Garden come next spring.


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Apologies for the lack of updates, with the 4th of July (Happy 4th) and the immense amount of work to be done in the office I have not been able to commit to making an update for the blog.

The Meeting Schedule for fall/spring is finalized and we’re making room reservations now.  That final calendar with room information and times will be contained in a google-calendar as well as posted in the SGA Case that hangs outside the office.

As for the retreat, I have not set a final date as I’m seeking speakers, deciding on a room, and our refreshment options.  (Strangely refreshment options depend on which room we use (on-campus must use Dining Services) and the room we use depends on which guests and the total number of people attending the retreat.  (Silly right?)  Garunteed this will all be sorted out by the time our applications deadline rolls around July 15th.

The Rock Garden is officially done and will have a banner (if Graphic Services did what they were asked to do) starting Friday to adverties to patrons of the Summer Festival of the Arts and other events.  A full report on the Rock Garden, detailing the work process from start to finish, is being reviewed and revised at the time of this posting.

 Lastly, a friendly reminder that applications for open SGA positions will be closing July 15th, 2007.

 Hope everyone had a great 4th,


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Applications Problems?

 We’ve recently been getting a few reports of an error with the application web page.  I’m unable to reproduce the error on the form myself so I’ve taken a catch all approach to rectifying the problem.  Applications are now at least partially submittable with out most of the information filled out.  Applications will still only be deemed acceptable if all required areas are filled out.

I hope this rectifies the problem for those that contacted me.  I’ll be e-mailing the students who did send me e-mails about the problem to let them know that the issue is fixed.

Please if anyone has any other problems with the application contact SGA via phone or e-mail.

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Many people have asked me this question as of late. Because its easier to just pull up google maps then to repeatedly try to describe its location, I’ve constructed a map in google maps that will better enable people to see where the rock garden is actually located.

Wick Pollock Small Map Image
Click to get a Closer Look

The revitalization process is (I believe) done at this point and time, and it looks wonderful! I’ll have a full write up on the Rock Garden here sometime in the next few weeks. Pictures of the project and the revitalization process can be found on the side bar.


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Happy Friday!

I just wanted to update you all on two pieces of our original platform that I’ve been working with lately.

WebCT and MyYSU:
A conversation with Bob Tupaj informed me that they are taking steps to rectify the online classroom conflict. As of now they have apparently implemented single-sign on access from the Portal to WebCT. Figuring out ultimately which online-classroom platform will be chosen for use is still up in the air though. I’ll keep everyone updated as that information comes available.

Mikaella and I met with Dr. Anderson today and I presented her with information about our appropriatiosn process, budget, and some facts regarding its use. The hope is that we can find a way of raising the appropriations budget for the fall. While presenting that information Dr. Anderson took the time to give me some ideas about how I could look into reforming the Appropriations process to make it better/more efficient.

Thats all I have for now, hope everyone has a good weekend.


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